Childhood Nostalgia at it’s best.

Posted: March 20, 2015 in Games


Dragon Ball Xenoverse is an awesome game that brings the best fighters from their universe for a new battle. ***** (SPOILERS) ***** The prologue pits you as Goku in the best fights of the series. It gives you an idea of how powerful your character will become as the game progresses. You start as a new hero set to save time by reliving the Z universe and ensuring that the battles outcome remains as it occurred I am only halfway through the game but can’t wait to see it to the end.

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After putting this game on the list of games I have completed I have no regrets in purchasing this game and it’s dlc. The latest installment of the far cry franchise is amazing on all aspects. It’s graphically beautiful and the gameplay is superb. While there are some repetitive missions they still manage to keep you involved. If you love the franchise and action this game is must in your collection. I have finished the main story but still find myself coming back to Kyrat from time to time to continue the havoc. I highly recommend this game.

Gameplay 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Action 10/10
Replayability 10/10

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After completing the main story and a few sidequests in Dying Light I can make  my final judgement. This game is not very long but it is filled with lots of interesting missions that keep you engaged. The only reason I rushed to finish it is due to the upcoming release of The Order (I have to play all the exclusives as they come out.) Don’t think I rushed through and didn’t get the full story. “SPOILERS AHEAD” This game sees a hired GRE agent making his way into the Zombie ridden island of Harran to find files that an older agent believed to gone rogue had in his possession. Well this is just the beginning you are thrust out of a plane and from there the action does not cease. I will save the full gameplay for you to see for yourself. You do end up getting your man but will lose many friends in the process. I hope you purchase this game and enjoy.

Gameplay: 8/10

Graphics: 7/10

Action: 8/10

Replayability: 5/10

Sounds: 4/10



The closed beta is back and introduces more reasons why Battlefield is the king of FPS. They have definitely upped the ante this time. The controls are fluid and gameplay is magnificent. I’ll be picking ng up my copy on release day you should too. Why not live that childhood game of cops and robbers.


Upon first glance Dying Light is just a parlour remake of Dead Island but if you stick it out you see just how immersive this game really is. Graphically speaking it’s not the powerhouse we expect this late in the game so to speak. The voice acting is great but the mouths seem to move like an old Godzilla movie. The graphic glitches don’t hurt the gameplay. I have seen many reviews that don’t hate the controls but I haven’t experienced any issues with them. Currently playing it on PS4 and loving and t I can only think maybe the other reviewers aren’t used to playing it yet. Controls very similar to Mirrors Edge mixed with Assassins Creed and some Dead Island to spice things up. Based on my first few hours so far I will recommend this game to everyone who loves a little action and zombie hybrid. I will post a full review within the next two weeks.

Mid Game Week Drought

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Games, New, upcoming

Lots of good releases next week picking up my dying light on Tuesday hoping it’s as good as expect it to be. Been doing a lot of Advanced Warfare playing clan wars this past weekend will be at gold level status next go around. Getting on Far Cry 4 in a few days let me know what I  should play in the meantime.


This is in my eyes the best in the franchise since Assassins Creed 2 Not since Ezio Auditore have we had a story like this. The gameplay is phenomenal and the graphics are amazing. While there are a few bugs that still need to be addressed like Arno continuing to walk when you let go of the joystick. A few minor bugs cannot bring this game down. The story has amazing elements I will not ruin it for anyone who still wants to play this game. The combat is as crisp as ever comparable to the Batman Arkham series with all the parries you can handle. I really appreciate the enhancement to the customizability you can craft your own assassin and visually make him your own. You cash focus on attire that ups his strength or health and even his stealth. the weapon choices are far superior to others in the series. Last but not least the Co-Play is a fine addition you and up to 3 other friends or even someone you just met can tackle a few missions that would otherwise be impossible alone. If you have a choice between a few games to pick up I would definitely give this one a whirl you will not be disappointed. If you do grab this game on PS4 hit me up Assassin Club is UniversalAssassins09 let me help you reach the top.

Graphics= 7/10

Gameplay= 9/10

Replayability= 9/10

Story= 10/10