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This is in my eyes the best in the franchise since Assassins Creed 2 Not since Ezio Auditore have we had a story like this. The gameplay is phenomenal and the graphics are amazing. While there are a few bugs that still need to be addressed like Arno continuing to walk when you let go of the joystick. A few minor bugs cannot bring this game down. The story has amazing elements I will not ruin it for anyone who still wants to play this game. The combat is as crisp as ever comparable to the Batman Arkham series with all the parries you can handle. I really appreciate the enhancement to the customizability you can craft your own assassin and visually make him your own. You cash focus on attire that ups his strength or health and even his stealth. the weapon choices are far superior to others in the series. Last but not least the Co-Play is a fine addition you and up to 3 other friends or even someone you just met can tackle a few missions that would otherwise be impossible alone. If you have a choice between a few games to pick up I would definitely give this one a whirl you will not be disappointed. If you do grab this game on PS4 hit me up Assassin Club is UniversalAssassins09 let me help you reach the top.

Graphics= 7/10

Gameplay= 9/10

Replayability= 9/10

Story= 10/10

The Crew Review

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The Crew an unforgiving experience in driving but a great way to pass the time with a few members of your “CREW”. This won’t be considered the driving game of the year the crash physics are a little relaxed. The visuals are beautiful but in a market with Gram Turismo and Forza it’s hard to deliver a good driving SIM and stay relevant. But what this game lacks in realism it makes up in a whole new MMO experience. Everything is more fun with your CREW. The single player is a hit or miss as you build on your ride it should get easier but you will still run into an 80s unpalatable that will out turn the best in Japanese driving tech. I would recommend this game only to those who enjoy spending hours with others online and a slightly above par driving experience.

Gameplay= 7/10
Graphics= 8/10
Realism= 5/10
Replayability= 4/10

FIFA 15 Review

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The best sports franchise in my opinion is has been back since the end of September 2014 and for those of you that haven’t gotten a chance to experience it now is the best time to get it. You will not find a better sports simulation on the market. Not only do the visual stack up to compare to even a live game on television with all the recent tweaks to the gameplay you will feel as if you are on the pitch yourself. Do yourself a favor and pick this amazing game up. You will not be dissapointed.

Graphics= 9/10
Replayability= Endless

Little Big Planet 3 Review

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Sackboy is back and better than ever in the next installment of the cult classic little big planet. His abilities have grown and he even brought a few friends along to join him in saving our imaginations. Graphically speaking Sackboy has never looked better you can see almost every stitch. The PS4 does an amazing job of rendering our plush friend into the next generation of gaming. Whole the single player campaign is short and sweet it seem as only an introduction into the mechanics of the game. To some this can be an issue but for those of us who fully understand and know that this game is more of a sandbox world to great our own creative levels and universes. With some updating to the usual tools we can make some of the most amazing levels known to man. The sky isn’t even the limit if you want to recreate the entire library of Mario Bros. Games of the 2d era you can with no issue. With this game only your imagination can stop the creativity. I highly recommend this game to all players that love platformers and all those of you who have been a part of the series since the start.

Playability= 9/10
Graphics= 8/10
Soundtrack= 7/10
Replayability 10/10


In my opinion the best first person shooter on the market. I do enjoy playing Advanced Warfare but if you want the authentic feel of real squad and platoon tactics it gets no better than this. It has an amazing engine backing it (Frostbite 3 ) the realism is uncanny virtually the most destructible environments. The classes that we have all grown to love from all the games that have preceded it. Each class has its own weapon and accessory choices. There is no feeling like utilizing the support class and placing a claymore mine at the only entrance of a building and luring an unsuspecting for to follow you in only to fully enjoy his demise at your hands. This game is by far one of the best entries in the series since battlefield 2 and 1942. The single player campaign is as unforgiving as ever if you don’t know how to utilize your squad prepare for the dead screen a lot. I would highly recommend this entry to anyone who loves shooters and just can’t get into the call of duty series. I’ll see you on the Battlefield.

Gameplay= 7/10
Graphics= 9/10
Realism= 8/10
Replayability= 10/10

First DLC coming soon

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Advanced Warfare has been taking the FPS shooter market by storm partly due to Battlefield Hardline being pushed back until march. They are taking a big gamble by releasing their first expansion before Hardline. I will be releasing some good info in a few days before the official drop to give you some insight as to whether the season pass is worth it.


I set up a poll about a day ago to see what game you would like me to review. Please stop by and let me know what you think or of you don’t see a game you would like to hear about please put it on my list. As
have said before I can save you a trip to your local gamestop if the game isn’t worth it. Thank you for your input.